Cookistan, Cooking Class

I've always wanted to take some sort of cooking class. Being raised in an Arab household, we are so used to sticking to traditional dishes that have been cooked at home. Although traditional Turkish cuisine is not far from what I have been used to, Cookistan was a great way to venture into a cuisine that was a tad unfamiliar.






Having met at a bustling corner in the Sisli district of Istanbul, Aysen walked through the streets explaining the rich and diverse history of Turkish Cuisine. Ranging from Greek, Middle-Eastern and Asian influences, Turkish food has a flavor of it's own.



Tucked into a quiet street outside the bustling neghborhood, Aysen welcome us into her home where she offered us to delicious Turkish tea and sweets. We shared several stories ranging from our past travel experiences and our favorite foods to cook at home. As we wrapped our tea, we were then seated to a communal table to learn how to make our dishes.



Bulgur Salad -  A bed of fresh greens topped with fine bulgur and a zesty pomegranate dressing

Borecik - A traditional Turkish savory pastry filled with onion and mined meat, topped with yogurt

Stuffed Dried Eggplants - Dried eggplants stuffed with minted meat and rice

Pumpkin Dessert - A sautéed pumpkin dish covered in tahini and walnuts (we loved this!) 


Though it was our last night in Istanbul, there is no better way we could have spent our evening. We left Cookistan feeling so fulfilled, with our hearts and bellies filled with love. So eager to go back and reconnect with the wondeful team of Cookistan.






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