The Ludlow Hotel

Before I ever moved to New York City, upon every visit, I would be so excited and overwhelmed with all of the exciting things to do. Now that I live here, I've seen that things have slowed down a bit and I've become so used to the city, almost that I have forgotten the reasons that have brought me here. Staycations are so importnt to switch things up in your lifestyle's routine.


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Not going to lie — one of the first reasons for me to visit this hotel was the bathroom. I always have loved a well-lit bathroom, but this one checks off every box for me. With the gold details and marble counter tops. Don't even get me started on the baths...these baths overlook the city's trendy neighborhood of Lower East Side (basically where all of the really cool people hang out)



Adorned with contemporary art, the rooms of this hotel are a marriage of victorian and modern design. Every one of these rooms is designed with a beautiful attention to detail. It might be impossible not to return home and want to change up your entire interior design.



Two words: Super cozy. The rooftop view is unbeatable! It's also important to note that this hotel is located in one of New York City's most great neighborhoods, so there's always something to see, eat and try.





THE masala wala

I'm no Indian cuisine expert, but I have to give this place a 10/10, easily. The owner is usually around (he also goes by The Masala Wala) and if there's something on the menu you're unsure of or would like to tweak, he's on it. 


The Masala Wala

179 Essex St

New York, NY 10002


dirty french

A french restaurant with an experimental twist, this restaurant is directly under the hotel! It has a cool vibe with neon lights and tufted leather seating to accent. Late night? Come in for a bite. The carpaccio here is delicious. 


Dirty French

180 Ludlow St

 New York, NY 10002


el Rey

Looking for a quick bite or maybe even meeting someone in a hurry? This place has the most delicious light eats. The avocado del sur is delicious and colorful and the chill ambiance might keep you here longer than you might have expected. 


El Rey

100 Stanton St

New York, NY 10002


il laboratorio del gelato

The best gelato I've ever had in the city. Creamy, light and so many options.


il laboratorio del gelato

188 Ludlow St

 New York, NY 10002